Flats are highly versatile, customizable, and generally useful for anything from a video/photography shoot to live events. Our flats can be built to any specifications but are also available for rent as well. 

The structural design of the mobile flat units are bi-folds that hang on welded A-Frames that have an integrated bottle jack mechanism that elevates the flats off the ground after a few manual pumps of a lever. The flats are then moved into position while elevated. When in position, a simple turn of a drain knob on the bottle jack lowers the cylinder and the flats rest on the ground. There are no visible wheels under the flats, and the clearance under the flats can go from zero to +6” for moving them room to room, up ramps, etc.  

Rental flats specifications:

Flats: 4'x10', 2'x10', 1'x10', 4'x8', 1'x8'
Door Flats
Window Flats
Custom Flats
Jacks and Strongbacks
Staging: 2"x6" construction for high-weight staging, such as cars
Staging: 2"x4" construction for lower weight staging