Illumination Entertainment & YouTube Space NY: Sing

In collaboration with Illumination Entertainment, we brought Buster Moon's grand theater to life. Our design and build included signage, props, as well as set dressing that captured the aesthetics of the film while still allowing artists using the YouTube space to customize it to their own needs.

The Aquatic World with Philippe Cousteau Season 2

Great Big Story brought us onto this exciting project to design and build a highly stylized submarine set.

Lights Out

We're experts getting the most bump in the night for your buck. Tasked with designing, building and dressing sets for the 2016 horror film, we nailed making home sets that can turn creepy with little more than a lighting change.

YouTube Space NY: David Bowie Stage

This glam rock inspired set for YouTube not only gave us the chance to design and build a dope stage, we also were given the liberty of directing and dressing the set as well. It's been a big hit with a number of YouTube performers who almost universally love our wig selection.


YouTube Space NY: Black Cat Club

YouTube asked us to design and build a 1920s inspired jazz club in celebration of Women's Empowerment Month, and naturally we delivered. We present to you Black Cat Club.

YouTube Space NY: Oval Office and Debate Stage

It feels like literally anyone can get in the White House these days, so it makes sense that videos using our set for YouTube Studios can pass for the real deal. Our combination Oval Office and Debate Stage sets have been featured in videos for Complex, Teen Vogue, Akilah Hughes and Wyclef Jean. With the way things are going, it will likely get a lot more use over the next four years.

The Walking Dead & YouTube Space NY: Cabin in the Woods

We went above and beyond for YouTube Space NY's cabin in the woods set inspired and sponsored by AMC's The Walking Dead.

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Promo

For this cheeky promo, we built the seemingly never-ending 30 ft. high white background wall, and the pipe prop for John Oliver's crime-solving pony.

YouTube Space NY: CBGB

A replica of NYC's home of punk including original elements of CBGB proudly designed and built for YouTube Space NY.

YouTube Space NY: World of Superheroes

We designed and built a set suited for any superhero with a lab desk, time capsule, weapons cache, and, of course, cool pneumatic doors for a dramatic entrance.

YouTube Space NY: Boardroom

With the right design and set fabrication, a few versatile pieces can turn a set into a boardroom, restaurant, or funeral home.

HBO: Tales from a Ghetto Klown: Interview with John Leguizamo

Our brick wall flats added another notch of sophistication to HBO's interview with John Leguizamo for his documentary Tales from a Ghetto Klown,

The Fabric of the Cosmos

We designed and built the gallery walls displayed in the four-hour series The Fabric of the Cosmos hosted by physicist Brian Greene.

Kean University Television Studio

We proudly designed and brought to life a television studio for Kean University.